Swimming Pool Plastering

Pool Remodeling Process

Phase 1 - Preparation

First, we must drain your pool to the sewer cleanout or street in accordance with the city laws and regulations.

Phase 2 - Interior Chip-out

Once the pool is drained, we will use jackhammers and air chisels to chip-out the interior surface. If you chose to replace your tile, then the existing tile will be removed at this time.

Phase 3 - Interior Surface

The interior surface phase process will vary depending on the surface you select. Pebble, Plaster and 3M Quartz are all applied by a pressurized spray nozzle. The finishing touch is then done by hand trowel to a smooth finish. If you chose a pebble surface, then the surface will be acid washed to reveal the pebbles' natural beauty on the following work day.

Phase 4 - Pool Fill

After your new surface has been installed, we must then fill your pool full of water. The pool-filling process takes anywhere between 12 to 30 hours depending on the size of the pool. Once the process of filling has begun, you can not stop the water until it has reached the middle of the water line tile. Failure to follow these filling instructions could result in imperfections and/or discoloration in the new interior surface.

Phase 5 - Start-Up

This phase consists of adding the necessary chemicals to balance the water, then mechanically starting-up all of the pumps. During this time, we will instruct you on the maintenance and operation of your new equipment and surface. Some surface brushing will be necessary to eliminate residue left over from process of applying a new interior surface.

And congratulations! Once this phase is completed your pool is swim ready.

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